How to save bucks while traveling in Malaysia or Singapore?

Traveling by bus in Malaysia is a pleasant and affordable way to travel. Luxury buses play movies. Few are starting to provide Internet services during the trip.

  • Transtar Travel (12)Affordability

If you are planning to drive, the one-way cost of tolls and gas on (highways) will normally exceed the price of a bus ticket that is of two-way. Numerous famous destinations have round the clock arrivals and departures and are quite affordable as well.

  • Comfort

Premier bus lines such as Transtar are comfortable and clean. There’s no comparison among a plane and a bus. By traveling in a bus, you’re able to stretch out in the ease and comfort. Seats recline flat and you’ll have abundant room for stretching your legs. Even if you are planning to stretch out, you won’t disrupt comfort of a passenger behind you. Pillows are also available. Premier bus lines such as Transtar will also provide you with a sandwich along with a beverage upon boarding. Clean restrooms are also located at the back, along with a station for the tea and hot water. If you like to have a cup of coffee instead of tea, you can ask for it while you are on boarding the bus.

  • Security

Upon boarding, an officer might ask you to pass a security detection device over the body. This normally depends upon an arrival and departure point. Additionally, premier lines operate on a schedule. It means that no person would be allowed to board a bus after it leaves the dock.

  • Baggage

On a Transtar bus, the luggage travels with alongside you. It’s never transferred to any other bus. Numerous premier lines allow a couple of luggage in an underneath compartment. For hand carry packages and small bags, there’s an overhead compartment above the seat as well. So, if you are planning to travel with something valuable, try to hold it in your hand carry bag so that you can keep your bags with you while traveling rather than keep worrying by leaving them in the underneath luggage compartment.

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