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Practical tips for bus travel

Long and medium distance bus services have continuous to operate between towns and cities for numerous decades now. Buses also have been known to provide an efficient way of exploring country devoid of having to use a private personal vehicle. Initially, only some major lines conquered such routes. However, the introduction of bus operators over […]

Tips for traveling with pets

Traveling on a Transtar bus is quite a hectic job; however, when you’ll travel with the pets, traveling on the bus would become more challenging for you. However, if you’re well prepared then you’ll be able to carry pets with you as well in a comfortable and easy manner. Few tips which will make the job comfortable, […]

A guide to Mersing from Penang!

Before you set off for somewhere, it is necessary to make sure the mode of transportation you are going to choose is well facilitated and luxurious or not, and if it is not, your travel can hang heavily on you especially when talking about the bus from Penang to Mersing. Kuala Lumpur is the capital […]

Malacca City: Attractions and guides

When night falls, it’s a normal thing that visitors stroll slowly along a seafront in search of numerous diverse sorts of cooking and food, west and/or east. If you like, you can also take part in the many pubs and cafes where karaoke sipping that glass of juice in front a singer is a regular […]

The biggest hill stations in Malaysia

When it comes to bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands, hill stations in Malaysia can’t be put aside without which the tour remains vapid. No denying, these hills are well known for tourism in all over the world. Tourists in huge number come here to celebrate their special days here and some of them find […]

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